Earth - 15118

Breakout #3: Wrecked!

Characters appearing in this issue:

Ms. Marvel

The Wrecker with a raised arm holding his crowbar, standing victorious on a mound of rubble that used to be the living room of a Long Island mansion. Within the heaps of debris and broken furniture are the rest of the Wrecking crew. Daredevil and Ms. Marvel lay defeated along with Spider-Man who appears to be reaching out to Mjolnir just out of reach. A horrified girl in a bikini looks on from the remains of a second floor balcony.


Iron Man still recovering from having a cracked Arc Reactor from a fight with several super villain inmates at the Raft, has decided to take a breather and do some electronic digging. Letting the other heroes handle the foot work. Following a lead Ms. Marvel approaches Spider-Man and Daredevil to help track down Max Dillon (Electro) who was responsible for the damage and subsequent break out of inmates at the Raft.

Having met up, Ms. Marvel briefs Spider-Man and Daredevil while both finish eating hot dogs. Not accustomed to the street level heroics of Spider-Man and Daredevil, Ms. Marvel asks how they can track down Electro. Daredevil mocks her lack of super senses and street cred. During this entire exchange Daredevil’s mask was off, which draws some criticism from Ms. Marvel as she was assured the night before that Matt Murdock was in no way Daredevil. On the subject of unmasking superheroes, Ms. Marvel discusses with Spider-Man that he has an opportunity to join S.H.I.E.L.D. if he made public his identity. The two discuss the pros and cons of public identities while Daredevil, using his heightened senses, is drawn to St. Luke’s Memorial Hospital. There Thunderball, one of the Wrecking Crew, has incapacitated a doctor and donned his scrubs as a disguise to get close to a patient. Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel arrive on the scene shortly after Daredevil, who has started to put the hurt on Thunderball. A crowd gathers around the spectacle and Ms. Marvel tries to calm them down, unfortunately no one listens to her. Spider-Man tries his hand at keeping the worried onlookers peaceful, but also has no luck as the crowd thinks he’s a menace. Luckily, Daredevil is able to calm the crowd down and puts a subdued Thunderball in Ms. Marvel’s custody. She radios in to S.H.I.E.L.D. for a containment team and one is dispatched immediately.

Meanwhile, Daredevil and Spider-Man seek the patient Thunderball was after on information gathered from interrogating him and contacting Foggy Nelson for some quick online research. They find the patient that Thunderball was looking for who turns out to have an interest in Asgardian artifacts, including the Wrecker’s Enchanted Crowbar and Thor’s Mjolnir. He realizes that the Wrecker and the rest of the Wrecking Crew must be after Thor’s hammer and the Enchanted Crowbar. He alerts the duo that his daughter is in danger and that they must hurry to his home in Long Island to thwart the rest of the Wrecking Crew’s plans.

Ms. Marvel while waiting for the S.H.I.E.L.D. containment team decides to question Thunderball herself and finds out their plans. Shortly after she is set upon by the news media interested in the capture of one of the Rafts inmates. She tries to handle the situation as the containment team lands, but is interrupted by Commander Hill yelling into her earpiece that she is not authorized to hold press conferences. She cuts off the interview and lets the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents take over.

Spider-Man and Daredevil meet up with Ms. Marvel and agree that they need to get to Long Island as fast as possible. In response to the criticism of her lack of super senses from earlier Ms. Marvel informs them she doesn’t need a ride and takes flight, only to land near one of the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicopters where she waves them over.

The flight to Long Island is relatively quick. Daredevil believes they have the element of surprise, but Ms. Marvel keeps quiet about her live camera interview. They arrive on the scene and Daredevil begins to tell the others to wait a moment while he uses his sonar to detect where the Crew might be. Unfortunately, Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man make for the mansion as soon as they get close. Spider-Man takes to the second floor and makes a stealthy entrance. Ms. Marvel flies right through the large whole made in the building and confronts Piledriver and Bulldozer holding a girl hostage. Ms. Marvel realizing she needs to distract the villains and get the girl to safety decides to try to stall them. They begin to make demands and Daredevil who was not acting along with the plan begins to bring justice to them, Hell’s Kitchen style. With all of the commotion Spider-Man is able to crawl on the ceiling undetected. He positions himself just above the hostage and drops down with lightning speed grabbing the girl and webbing up Piledriver. He safely lands on the balcony just above the oversized living room. Both Bulldozer and Piledriver are nearly immune to the attacks of Ms. Marvel and Daredevil. Ms. Marvel is confronted by Piledriver who nearly crushes her head with his oversized hands. Daredevil decides the better way to defeat Bulldozer is by tangling him up with furniture and other household items. Piledriver continues his assault on Ms. Marvel by trying to crush her midsection, this time she is able to gather enough strength to head butt him, but he shakes off what would otherwise cripple a man only getting flustered that she was able to resist his strength.

Spider-Man, making sure the girl was safely upstairs returns to the melee with a high flying german suplex delivered to Piledriver which imbeds him in floorboards and with a few shots of web is taken out. He then sets his sights on Bulldozer who’s giving Daredevil a run for his money. Spider-Man launches himself at Bulldozer and knocks him into a wall. Daredevil realizes at that moment that a third assailant is approaching from the basement. Holding a shimmering crowbar Wrecker steps into the room taking a mighty swing that brings down most of the soouth wing of the home around the heroes. Ms. Marvel takes the blunt of the attack; Spider-Man realizing he will be covered in debris fires a tracker at Wrecker as the walls come down. Daredevil was able to tell he was coming in the first place and is able to jump through a nearby window.

Wrecker seeing the heroes sufficiently buried in rubble makes his way to the helicopter in the yard. Daredevil being the first to react to this launches himself at the helicopter and is able to grapple it with his Billy Club. Ms. Marvel now furious propels herself at the helicopter searching for Wrecker trying to take him out and save the pilot. She decides the best way to cripple Wrecker is by taking away his weapon. A grapple ensues that ends with a blast of energy that propels Ms. Marvel into the back of the helicopter. Slowly recovering from the mystic blast she looks over to Daredevil clinging to the bottom of the helicopter, he pulls free his billy club and jams it into an access hatch that destabilizes the craft.

Unfortunately, it also jams the rudder which causes the helicopter to spin uncontrollably. Ms. Marvel realizing she needs to save the pilot begins to push her way towards the cockpit. Daredevil is flung from the spinning aircraft and crashes through a window of a nearby home. The helicopter smashes into the side of another mansion and is engulfed with debris and smoking ruin.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man recovers his senses and finds himself in the basement of the Long Island mansion. Apparently the force of the walls coming down was enough to drive Spider-Man through the floor, which had already been partially collapsed by the superheroics that took place moments before. Looking around the dimly lit room he sees a series of broken display cases holding various relics of unknown origin. His focus lingers on a sight that is straight out of Arthurian Legend. A massive hammer slightly embedded in a large chunk of crumblign earth and stone. A soft light is cast upon the hammer as he approaches it. Was it truly Thor’s hammer? And if it was could Spider-Man be able to wield it?

He reaches out to pick the oversized hammer up and is instantly overcome by a wash of energy. The light faded from the room and the walls, floor, and ceiling disintegrated into dust. He was now surrounded by darkness with only the dim light showcasing the hammer. A voice broke through the almost sense depriving void and Spider-Man looked over to a throne that wasnt there a moment ago. A man sat on the throne, defeated and haggard. Another man stepped in to view, a younger man dressed in modern clothing. The man greated Spider-Man and beckoned him closer.

Spider-Man steps forward and realizes that the man on the throne is Thor. The mortal spoke to Spider-Man informing him that Thor has not moved since Ragnarok. The cycle had ended and he no longer had purpose, so there he sits. Spider-Man figures that his words moved the Sentry into action, why not a god? His words seem to have stirred something in Thor and without a word his head tilts upward and he sets his eyes upon Mjolnir. He stands and walks forward to grip the handle of the hammer. As he does so he announces, “For Midgard!” A bright flash of light washes over everyone and Spider-Man is once again in the basement of the mansion standing near a bare chunk of earth with an imprint of where a hammer lay. In the distance there is a rumble of thunder and then the sound of a terrible explosion…


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